Basic calculus grade 11 pdf

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The recommended text for this course is Stewart’s “Multivariable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts”. Homework assignments are now keyed to the 4th Edition, but all assignments will be made available as PDFs. A key matching HW exercises in different editions is available on request. The purpose of this session is to resolve questions raised after you have struggled mightily with the homework but were either unsuccessful on some problems or have some doubts.

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Please don’t use this session simply to get answers without having dedicated some time on every homework problem. The Final Exam took place on Thurs, Dec 14 from 7:40pm to 9:40pm in Emerson Hall 105. Distance students made the necessary arrangements through the Exams Office. Total points on exam was 50. Total points on exam was 75. All Final Exams were scrutinized with great care.