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While malicious mobile applications mainly phone fraud applications distributed through common application channels – target the typical consumer, spyphones are nation states tool of attacks. How are these mobile cyber-espionage attacks carried out? 1 Secure Boot is an important step towards securing platforms from malware compromising boot sequence before the OS. However, there are certain mistakes platform vendors shouldn’t make which can completely undermine protections offered by Secure Boot.

This talk will discuss exactly how, detailing the flow of national security incident response in the United States using the scenario of a major attack on the finance sector. Treasury handles the financial side of the crisis while DHS tackles the technical. 5 years Endgame received 20M samples of malware equating to roughly 9. Its total corpus is estimated to be about 100M samples.

This huge volume of malware offers both challenges and opportunities for security research especially applied machine learning. Endgame performs static analysis on malware in order to extract feature sets used for performing large-scale machine learning. Our early attempts to process this data did not scale well with the increasing flood of samples. As the size of our malware collection increased, the system became unwieldy and hard to manage, especially in the face of hardware failures. Over the past two years we refined this system into a dedicated framework based on Hadoop so that our large-scale studies are easier to perform and are more repeatable over an expanding dataset. This framework is built over Apache Hadoop, Apache Pig, and Python.

It addresses many issues of scalable malware processing, including dealing with increasingly large data sizes, improving workflow development speed, and enabling parallel processing of binary files with most pre-existing tools. In addition, we will demonstrate the results of our exploration and the techniques used to derive these results. We also show how a 51 byte patch to the SRTM can cause it to provide a forged measurement to the TPM indicating that the BIOS is pristine. If a TPM Quote is used to query the boot state of the system, this TPM-signed falsification will then serve as the root of misplaced trust. We also show how reflashing the BIOS may not necessarily remove this trust-subverting malware. This year, we’re bringing PRNG attacks to the masses. PRNG based on a black-box analysis of application output.

In many cases, most or all of the PRNG’s internal state can be recovered, enabling determination of past output and prediction of future output. We’ll present algorithms that run many orders of magnitude faster than a brute-force search, including reversing and seeking the PRNG stream in constant time. This talk will present an analysis of the attack surface of BBOS 10, considering both ways to escalate privileges locally and routes for remote entry. Moreover, since exploitation is only half the work of offense, we’ll show ways for rootkits to persist on the device. Bluetooth Smart: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Fix!

A new class of low-power devices and high-end smartphones are already on the market using this protocol. Applications include everything from fitness devices to wireless door locks. The presentation will introduce the concept of identifying vulnerabilities in operating systems’ kernels by employing dynamic CPU-level instrumentation over a live system session, on the example of using memory access patterns to extract information about potential race conditions in interacting with user-mode memory. It detects bugs using a combination of decompilation to recover high level information, and data flow analysis to discover issues such as use-after-frees and double frees.

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