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Not to be confused with Sancho Panza. This biography of a living person children of sanchez pdf additional citations for verification. Latin jazz band leader, and salsa singer.

The youngest of eleven children, Poncho Sanchez was born in Laredo, Texas and reared in Norwalk, California. In 1975, Sanchez’s idol, vibraphonist Cal Tjader, invited him to perform a set with his band. Seeing the young man’s talent, Tjader hired Sanchez for a week before officially making him a full member of the ensemble. Sanchez played a crucial role as conguero for several years until Tjader’s death in 1982. Before he died, Tjader suggested that Concord Records founder Carl Jefferson sign Sanchez and his soon-to-be-formed group under the Concord Picante label.

Tjader’s wishes were honored, and the first two records were composed and arranged by long-time Tjader collaborator Clare Fischer. Sanchez went on to produce 19 albums for the label, eventually garnering a Grammy for his work. Currently, Sanchez is respected as one of the top American percussionists of our time. He performs frequently in venues varying in size from concert halls to local jazz festivals. Sanchez is a frequent collaborator with bandleader José Rizo. He played conga on the Grammy-nominated album Mongorama produced by Rizo. Sanchez was featured on Ilya Serov’s single “Tangerine”, released on January 9, 2018.

This page was last edited on 16 February 2018, at 04:39. This article does not cite any sources. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Julio is an expert on street gangs. He has a quick temper and often yells at suspects in the interrogation room. He also can be crude and chauvinistic. Though constantly flirting with the younger women detectives, Sanchez wears a wedding band.

He has one brother who is dead and another in prison after getting involved with gangs. In “Sanctuary City, Part 3,” its revealed that Sanchez is a third generation American. In season four episode “Sudden Death”, Julio’s brother Oscar is shot to death by a gang member on the sidewalk near his home because he was believed to be part of a rival gang. As seen in “Repeat Offender”, Julio holds the rank of Detective II.

Sanchez was shot again in “Two Options”. His wound is stated to be superficial and he quickly returns to work. Sanchez is shown to get emotional at times in cases regarding children. In “Flight Risk”, Sanchez was completely devastated when two young children were found murdered and was one of the most affected of the squad. When they interrogate the killer, Sanchez attacks him but is in tears as he does so. In season three’s “Personal Day”, a young man Julio put in prison for murder in 1997 gets released after seventeen years in prison and insists to Julio he’s innocent despite overwhelming evidence and a confession.

Julio refuses to believe the man and only reports his claims due to procedure. The man is later murdered and Julio is shocked to learn the man was innocent as he’d claimed, having confessed to murder rather than an armed robbery to protect his best friend. In season three’s “Party Foul”, a young man the squad suspects of murdering a young man and badly injuring her boyfriend faces off with Sanchez who makes fun of his No Romeo license plate. The young man tells him that what it means is that before meeting Juliet, Romeo was in love with another girl but let go of his love for when he saw Juliet.

The young man is no Romeo as he would never do that to the girl he loves. In season three episode “Internal Affairs”, Sanchez is ordered to attend anger management classes after beating up his mother’s caretaker who had robbed her in order to remain on active duty after his violent tendencies come to light. He was briefly framed for the murder of said caretaker, but was cleared of those charges after which he moved back in with his mother to take care of her himself. In season four episode “Sorry I Missed You”, Sanchez explains the source of his constant anger problems: several years before he was married and his wife had a seizure disorder. She was told it was safe to go off her medications and later she is able to become pregnant. In season five, Julio begins applying to be a foster parent after seeing the effects of the system in “Present Tense”.

In “Cashed Out”, Rusty’s former social worker Cynthia does a surprise home study on Julio and investigates his actions in solving a brutal murder that ended with Julio risking his life to successfully talk a dangerous suspect down rather than shooting him or resorting to other forms of violence as Julio would in the past. In “Family Law”, Julio is approved to be a foster parent and takes emergency placement of an eight-year-old boy named Mark Jarvis who is racist with an attitude problem. At the end of the episode, its discovered that Mark’s mother has been murdered and he has nowhere to go. Julio continues to foster Mark through the investigation into his mother’s murder and the investigation into the Zyklon Brotherhood. In “Sanctuary City, Part 1”, its revealed that Julio’s mother has died and he is now on bereavement leave. As a result, Sharon has Buzz Watson, now a Reserve Detective, fill in for Julio in the field and interrogation.