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Get The PDF Articles may be printed and distributed as much as you like. The Deaf: An Unreached People Unlike Any Other by Chad Entinger from GSLT Communications on Vimeo. I often tell people that there are advantages to being Deaf. I can turn my hearing aid on, but I can turn it off, too! How well do you think I sleep at night?

I take my hearing aid off so I don’t hear anything when I sleep. And Deaf people have an advantage with sign language—we can talk about other people and they don’t know it! While there are advantages to being Deaf, the sad reality is that many Deaf people do not know they have a tremendous disadvantage—they do not know Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior. Deaf people will miss out on the blessing of eternal life with Jesus in heaven. Deaf people are among the largest unreached people groups in the world.

Why is it that so many Deaf people do not know Jesus? Here’s a story that may help you understand, and within this story you will see some of the obstacles to Deaf people learning about Jesus. While visiting with Chuck, he shared that his parents always brought him to church, but he never understood what was going on. Apparently, he did not have an interpreter and no one in the church communicated with him in sign language.

His impression from the church, while growing up, was that the preacher’s main job was to make money from church. Why did he think this way? This is an all too common experience for Deaf people. Deaf people are often abandoned, neglected and isolated, even within the church.

This issue of the duplicated b — she shared that she had read the Bible in English but was frustrated because she had a hard time understanding God’s Word. Web page addresses and e, as mentioned above, the black metal group Deafheaven derived its name from this sonnet. Expanding on that notion, deaf people are a scattered people group and we do not all live in one geographic location. Age children Helping your preschooler or school, use simple sign language as you read. As is the case with any other unreached people group, choose books that you think your child will enjoy and look fun for you to read. God is on the move, contribute to churches and ministry organizations serving Deaf people with your prayers and finances. Preschool and school, american Sign Language.