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Greater access to driven tome 2 pdf use of data create a wide array of impacts and policy challenges, ranging from privacy and consumer protection to open access issues and measurement concerns, across public and private health, legal and science domains. This report aims to improve the evidence base on the role of DDI for promoting growth and well-being, and provide policy guidance on how to maximise the benefits of DDI and mitigate the associated economic and societal risks. The report suggest countries act to seize these benefits, by training more and better data scientists, reducing barriers to cross-border data flows, and encouraging investment in business processes to incorporate data analytics. Few companies outside of the ICT sector are changing internal procedures to take advantage of data.

For example, data gathered by companies’ marketing departments is not always used by other departments to drive decisions and innovation. At the same time, governments will need to anticipate and address the disruptive effects of big data on the economy and overall well-being, as issues as broad as privacy, jobs, intellectual property rights, competition and taxation will be impacted. EHEDG specifications for plants and processes that comply with the strictest hygienic requirements. Due to the low working speed, the rotary lobe pump is characterised by a gentle pumping and low shear of the product causing less damage possible. As the rotors rotate, the space between the lobes and the casing is successively filled with the product which is driven to the discharge nozzle displacing a fixed amount of product.

Hygienic design of the attachment of the lobes. The seal is disassembled from the frontal part without disassembling the casing of the pump. Gaskets with deformation limiters prevent any dead leg. Pump certified according to the EHEDG standards. Gaskets: EPDM according to FDA 177. 0,5 μm surface finish for pharmaceutical applications.

Assembly on a 304 stainless steel baseplate on silent-blocks, sanitary design. Connections: Clamp DIN32676, DIN 11864-1, DIN 11864-2, etc. The pump can be ATEX certified. 2008 – 162 KB – .

2008 – 161 KB – . 2008 – 443 KB – . 2008 – 230 KB – . 2008 – 506 KB – .

2010 – 513 KB – . The HLR rotary lobe pump basically consists of two lobe rotors which rotate inside the casing without touching each other. Elle a été conçue selon la norme EHEDG pour les installations et les procédés qui répondent aux critères hygiéniques les plus exigeants. La pompa HLR è una pompa a lobi rotativa di spostamento positivo disegnata secondo la normativa EHEDG per le installazioni ed i processi in accordo con i requisiti igienici più esigenti. Die Drehkolbenpumpe HLR ist eine Verdrängerpumpe, deren Design die EHEDG-Richtlinien für Anlagen und Prozesse mit höchsten Hygieneanforderungen erfüllt. Кулачковый насос HLR изготовлен согласно спецификациям EHEDG для установок и процессов, отвечающим самым строгим требованиям к гигиене.