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The evaluation objectives guide the assessment family medicine notes pdf competence in family medicine, at the start of independent practice, for the purposes of Certification by the CFPC. They describe the skills and behaviours that are indicative of competence in dealing with the clinical tasks and problems that make up the domain of competence to be assessed. Quick and easy access to the evaluation objectives content. Menthol Cough Drops: Cause for Concern?

When Is Fluid in the Mastoid Cells a Worrisome Finding? Thank you, Reviewers and E-letter Contributors! Lung publishes original articles, reviews and editorials on all aspects of the healthy and diseased lungs, of the airways, and of breathing. Epidemiological, clinical, pathophysiological, biochemical, and pharmacological studies fall within the scope of the journal. Case reports, short communications and technical notes can be accepted if they are of particular interest.

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From School of Nursing, The George Washington University, Washington, DC. Abstract The findings by Peterson et al. While tensions surrounding leadership of teams remain an issue, there are many systems problems that all primary care providers need to face together. This commentary presents the challenges we need to address in order to keep the focus of our care on the patient. There has been noteworthy attention given to interprofessional health care teams as an efficient and effective way of organizing and providing care for chronically ill individuals and populations. The Institute of Medicine identified teamwork and collaboration as critical competencies to provide safe, high-quality care.

Interprofessional practice has long existed, with many models of high-performing teams. High-performing teams share several characteristics, including recognition of member contributions, effective communication, shared decision making, and shared vision and values. Attaining these characteristics suggest that there is trust and flexibility among the team members with regard to who will take responsibility for what aspect of the practice. The purpose of working to achieve a high-functioning team is to provide high-quality care to patients. Providing high-quality care is going to be ever more important as the expectations around quality become linked to payment. Practices in which the clinicians are stable and satisfied with their work circumstances will likely be the practices that do well in our country’s continually evolving health system.

Clearly, teamwork has been identified as an important component of improving patient care and includes FPs, NPs, and PAs working together. The research on NP, CMN, and PA practice has demonstrated consistently safe and quality care comparable to that provided by FPs. 16 This has been reinforced again and again for NPs, CNMs, and PAs throughout decades of practice. However, the real issue is being able to work together for the good of patients and the health of the nation. Although we know that there are benefits to working together, there continues to be tension, particularly between nursing and medicine, around independent practice and who should be the leader of a patient-centered medical home. Rather than NPs and FPs continuing to focus on issues of who is the captain of the team or who can have an independent practice, the overriding principle for continued dialogue should keep the patient at the center of our efforts.