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Tablet and mobile PDF viewing information and resources here. Places, Maps, Memoriam and Subject After 25 years of publishing Ancient American Magazine with its current 107 issues in print, we are pleased to announce the release of our Researcher’s Compendium in PDF format. Michigan’s Dolmens, A Stone Age Presence In America? Will the Real Christopher Columbus Please Stand Up? Burrows Cave: Fraud or Find of the Century? Who Mined American Copper 5,000 Years Ago? Book Review: The Dene and Na-dene Indian Migration 1233 A.

The Shock of Recognition: A Quincunx from Wisconsin – Charles F. 30,000 Year Old Americans – Vincent J. Having Fun With History – A. How Old is the Bimini Wall? Georgia’s Lost Indian Gold Mine – . Connecticut’s Unfolding Mystery – Andrew E. Down On the Farm: A Dolmen in Western Wisconsin?

Book Review: Chinese Connection: 2,500 year-old Voyages to America – A. Ancient Sauk Cosmology: The Twins – Co-authored by Dr. No Private Ownership of Archaeological Materials? Ancient City of El Pital – Vincent J. The Oklahoma Rune Stone – Cyclone Covey, Ph. Norumbega: A Norse Colony in Rhode Island? Little Known Viking Sites in America – Col.

Vinland: Neither Lost Nor Forgotten – Gunnar Thompson, Ph. The Kensington Stone: A 14th or 19th Century Inscription? Viking Invasion – Gunnar Thompson, Ph. Down On the Farm: A 6th Century Sword?