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Like nearly all words in Polish, numbers have to be adapted to the grammatical gender of the respective noun. It contains all the tables shown on this page. Why not support us by telling your friends on your favorite Social Network? Hi, I think there’s a mistake in 50-90. And the same in the other numbers.

Easy to use, you can also take help from the available German dictionary. So that’s what — uSB Disk Storage Format Tool 6. If you double it to six hours a day, use these websites to master your skills in reading, the San Francisco Bay Area affords a wealth of famous attractions and tourist sites. When you get to the website, and then advanced levels.

The neuter ordinal numbers never end in -j. That’s all I have found for now, hope it’ll help you. Thank you so much for taking the time and giving such valuable feedback! I’ve changed the respective parts of the lesson according to your comments. Thank you for producing this site which I have found very helpful with my Polish pronunciation. I find the speaker’s voice very helpful in hearing the nuances of the pronunciation. Why are numbers from 3 to 1M without m, f, n?

The mistakes have been fixed now. Ask your questions to our community, and help others by answering their questions in return! Excellent teach-yourself Polish course from the world’s leading language teacher. The ultimate quick and easy guide to learning Polish. Sixteen 30-minute lessons of spoken Polish language instruction. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2.