Learning vue js 2 pdf

A project-based, practical guide to get hands-on into Vue. Do you want to make learning vue js 2 pdf web application amazingly responsive? Are you unhappy with your app’s performance and looking forward to trying out ways to make your app more powerful?

This book’s project-based approach will get you to build six stunning applications from scratch and gain valuable insights in Vue. You’ll start by learning the basics of Vue. You will learn about animations and interactivity by creating a browser-based game. Using the available tools and preprocessor, you will learn how to create multi-page apps with plugins. By the end of this book you will have enough skills and will have worked through enough examples of real Vue. Create a multi-page application with the official Vue.

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Author: Dennis Sheppard ISBN-10: 1484230892 Year: 2017 Pages: 266 Language: English File size: 10. Book Description: Build fast, reliable web applications using the latest web development technologies. You also will learn which tools to enlist to measure your application’s performance, such as Google’s Lighthouse. Beginning Progressive Web App Development includes best practices to make your app work even when an end user has a poor or no Internet connection, and to send notifications and reminders with the Notification and Push APIs to keep your users engaged. As important as it is to provide mobile users with a great experience, the principles of PWAs are not limited to smartphones. Most of what you will learn in this book is directly applicable to web applications on all screen sizes.