Limit fit tolerance pdf

Flexibility in application – simplified stocking The modular system consists of standard and non-standard basic switches, enclosures, actuating heads and levers. The limit fit tolerance pdf allows the assembly of the required switch, on the spot, from the modules in stock.

The enclosures are made of glass reinforced thermoplast. This enclosure design is totally insulated, corrosionresistant, has high mechanical impact strength and is extremely water, dust and oil tight. All actuating heads can be turned in 90º stops, to the position required. Also, in order to meet more applications, besides the standard actuating heads, other heads such as the angled lever roller, actuating rod and spring actuating rod are available. The plunger head can be actuated in the direction of the plunger axis and with a drive it can be actuated in every direction perpendicular to the plunger axis. If the limit switch application has a high speed operating sequence or the drive cam has a long operating stroke, these actuating heads are ideal because of their long wear rollers. These actuating heads can be operated horizontally as well as vertically.

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