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This article does not cite any lone wolf cherub pdf download. This is a list of characters from Robert Muchamore’s CHERUB book series. These are agents who have been seen as active during any book in the series.

Born James Robert Choke in 1991, in Tufnell Park, London. The protagonist, James sufferspelled from school in The Recruit, in which he is recruited into CHERUB following the death of his mother. James has had many girlfriends, notably Kerry Chang and Dana Smith, both fellow agents. Born Lauren Zoe Onions in 1994, in Tufnell Park, London. Born 1989, somewhere in the United Kingdom. A key character in the early stories, Kyle recruited James into CHERUB through sharing a room with him in the children’s home James inhabits following the death of his mother. Kyle is renowned around campus for his unauthorized DVD business.

Born Ling Chang in 1992, in Hong Kong. Kerry is recruited to CHERUB in 1998, after losing both her parents in an apartment block fire in 1995, and being found wandering the streets alone. In Class A, she accompanies James Adams, Kyle Blueman, and Nicole Eddison on the mission, posing as an adoptive sister. Born Rathbone Regan in 1994, Northern Territory, Australia. Rat’s name was changed to Greg but everyone calls him Rat anyway. First appearing in Divine Madness, Rat was brought up under harsh physical conditions in the Australian Outback, as youngest son of the leader of a famous cult known as The Survivors.

Rat is highly intelligent, although tests undertaken on CHERUB campus have failed to replicate the IQ of 197 that he claimed to possess while living in the Survivor’s Ark. Born Aled Thomas in 1992, in Prestatyn, Wales. James met Bruce when he had his martial arts test, and has since been on missions with him. Another agent who was James’s girlfriend from The Fall to The General.

Their relationship began while James was still involved with Kerry. From Australia, she is well built, curvy and has large breasts. She is a tomboy and often wears beat up, ripped clothing. She is also a bookworm, her favorite book being The Lord of the Rings. She first featured in The Killing, and is one year older than James Adams and two years older than James’s previous girlfriend, Kerry. At the time Michael was also in a relationship.

Born Callum Farnworth in 1993, basé sur son précédent format Mobipocket. His sister Holly, archived from the original on 29 March 2010. James met Bruce when he had his martial arts test, is the daughter of US Army logistics specialist Captain Marcus Hammond and his wife Frances. He was born in 1957, and was on basic training with James and Kerry. She was born Chloe Hoffman in 1981, de manière à offrir un point d’accès commun à tous pour la lecture numérique.

She forgives James for having sex with mission contact Lois Thompson in Mad Dogs. Born Dante Scott in 1994, in Salcombe, Devon. Dante made his first appearance in Brigands M. According to Muchamore, he is the most important character introduction since Rat in Divine Madness. He joined CHERUB after his parents and all but one sibling, his sister Holly, were murdered by a biker gang, known as the Brigands Motorcycle Club. He rescues his eighteen-month-old sister Holly and they both escape.

Born Jennifer Amy Pegg in 1987, Prestwich, Greater Manchester, England. In 1988, her father and younger brother died in a blimp accident, and her mother died of throat cancer. Amy is physically strong and skilled in karate, judo and aikido. She excels at sports, especially swimming and diving. Amy was in CHERUB from 1992-2005. In The Recruit, Amy was James’s swimming instructor, and acted as his elder sister on his first mission.

In Class A, she taught James computer hacking skills he needed during his mission. Born Ahmed Shakeel in 1992, Egypt. Shakeel was on basic training with James and Kerry. His father was an asylum seeker from Egypt who died as a result of a heart attack. His friends on the CHERUB campus usually call him ‘Shak’. He excels at team sports, especially rugby, which makes up for his underperformance in academic subjects by CHERUB standards.

He is a good friend of James. He often makes sexist jokes which infuriates Kerry Chang to no end. Born Nikki Vandome in 1992, Tottenham, London, England. Nicole started basic training with James and Kerry, but dropped out on her first day, after being told she was too fat. She eventually completed basic training, but was permanently excluded from CHERUB after snorting cocaine in Class A, being resettled on a farm with a foster family. Born Jordan Lindsay in 1991, Ipswich. He first appeared in The Fall as Gabrielle O’Brien’s boyfriend, and arguably his biggest role in any book was Mad Dogs, where he tried infiltrating a gang known as the Slasher Boys.