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1May include recent laws or court decisions which have created legal recognition of same-sex relationships, but which have not entered into effect yet. Debate has occurred throughout Europe over proposals to legalize same-sex marriage as well as same-sex civil unions. Of the countries that recognize and perform same-sex marriages some still allow couples to enter civil unions, e. Several European countries do not recognize any form of same-sex unions. European Court of Human Rights decided that the European Convention on Human Rights does not oblige member states to legislate for or legally recognize same-sex marriages. However, the Court, for the first time, accepted same-sex relationships as a form of “family life”. Court held that exclusion of same-sex couples from registering a civil union, a legal form of partnership available to opposite-sex couples, violates the Convention.

Greece had enacted a law in 2008 that established civil unions for opposite-sex couples only. A 2015 law extended partnership rights to same-sex couples. Austria, holding that denying a same-sex couple access to marriage does not violate the Convention. Some debate occurred within the European Union about how to require member states to recognise same-sex marriages conducted in other member states, as well as any European citizens’ civil unions or registered partnerships, so as to ensure the right of freedom of movement for citizens’ family members. In 2010, Romanian LGBT activist Adrian Coman and his American partner, Robert Claibourn Hamilton, married in Belgium, and subsequently attempted to relocate to Romania. Romanian authorities refused to recognise their marriage and the case progressed to the European Court of Justice.

Other types of partnerships are available. Switzerland: On 5 December 2013 the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland submitted a parliamentary initiative to the National Council, proposing a constitutional amendment allowing couples to enter into a marriage or civil union irrespective of sex and sexual orientation. Lithuania: On 30 May 2017, Parliament approved a proposal to amend the Civil Code to recognize cohabitation agreements that would grant two or more cohabitants certain property rights without the intention to create family relations. With 46 in favor, 6 opposing and 17 abstentions, the draft proposal was approved for further consideration in the Lithuanian Parliament. Slovakia: On 11 December 2017, following a meeting with Iniciatíva Inakosť representatives, President Andrej Kiska called for a discussion about the rights of same-sex couples. Romania: A civil partnership bill is currently before the Chamber of Deputies. Although it was rejected by the Senate on 24 October 2016, debate has continued in several committees of the Chamber of Deputies into 2017.

En esos casos el matrimonio se realiza, el origen etimológico de la palabra matrimonio como denominación de la institución bajo ese nombre no es claro. Siendo el primero una institución cultural derivada de los preceptos de una religión, marido y mujer parecen mutuamente desinteresados. Como natural que el matrimonio es una institución fundamental para todos. Las primeras leyes del matrimonio civil aparecen en los Países Bajos en 1580 y en Inglaterra en 1653. Sex marriages some still allow couples to enter civil unions, folklore Motifs in Late Medieval Art III: Erotic Animal Imagery.