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Mind hunter book pdf great ideas are so close within your grasp? There are hidden patterns and clues that could lead you to your full potential, sooner. Better and Faster will make you BETTER by teaching you how to overcome evolutionary traps that block innovation.

Then, it will make you FASTER by teaching you 6 Patterns of Opportunity — repeatable shortcuts that you can use to find better ideas, faster. Jeremy Gutsche’s latest book is a gem. Using a wealth of research and an array of great stories, he shows you how find avoid the traps that inhibit your progress. Then he shows you smart, useful tools to help you find breakthrough ideas better and faster.

Better and Faster is an epic method for all those who want to become better at innovating, managing and adapting. Better and Faster grabbed me from the first page. The stories and compelling writing make this book a joy to read. But the real payoff comes from the big and immensely practical ideas. Gutsche’s contrast between farmers and hunters and the six patterns of opportunity are pure gold. Gutsche pushes us to push our own potential.

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This book will make you see the power of ideas in a new light. The cutting edge just got sharper. Jeremy Gutsche’s book unleashes fascinating stories and genius takeaways that will launch your game to the next level. Rich with examples and practical tips, Better and Faster is essential reading for any manager. It’s a high-octane face-slapper designed to awaken the weariest of executives in danger of falling asleep at the wheel Gutsche’s book is compelling reading and does a good job at pulling together some of the key ideas around innovation, strategy and marketing in recent years – in a very accessible way.

What’s more, it’s backed up with personal, hands-on experience with some of the world’s biggest brands and data derived from his own innovation company, trendhunter. Get BETTER and FASTER Your life is the outcome of hundreds of choices you make. Each choice takes you and your team to a different version of your potential. With this innovation book, you will learn to be better at adapting to change, making you a better innovator, better investor and a better manager.