Mobile tower radiation pdf

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2011 French Cell Phone Statute: Merchants must display SAR Radiation levels for different phone models, all phones must be sold with a headset, cell phone ads aimed at children younger than 14 are banned and phones made for children under 6 are banned. The French National Library along with other libraries in Paris, and a number of universities have removed all Wi-Fi networks. Herouville-Saint-Clair has removed all Wi-Fi equipment installed in municipal buildings. Federal Public Health Regulations issued in 2013 due to Health Concerns for Children.

Phones designed for children under 7 years old are prohibited from sale. Total Advertising Ban on cell phones aimed at children younger than 14. Mandatory Radiation SAR levels must be available for consumers at point of sale. Ghent Municipality: Wireless internet is banned from spaces that cater to children between 0 and three: preschools and daycares to reduce exposure to microwave radiation. Around the world, countries are taking strong action to reduce wireless radiation on children.

In addition the policies listed below, countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times lessthan the USA. They recognize that there can be non-thermal biological effects from wireless radiation. The Parliament of Navarra voted to urge removal of WIFI in schools  and to apply the precautionary principle in relation to exposure limits to electromagnetic fields whose boundaries have become “obsolete”. The Parliament voted to adopt a resolution which calls to implement the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe resolution 1815 of 2011, which recommends to “review the scientific basis for the standards of exposure to electromagnetic fields” and ” set thresholds for levels of preventive long-term exposure in all indoor areas not exceeding 0. The Vitoria City Council unanimously approved a precautionary approach with wireless: Citizens will be informed of the location of  wireless transmitters are in civic centers and municipal buildings.