Nhlbi asthma guidelines pdf

EPR-3 provides guidance for selecting treatment nhlbi asthma guidelines pdf on a patient’s individual needs and level of asthma control. The guidelines emphasize that while asthma can be controlled, the condition can change over time and differs among individuals and by age groups. Thus, it is important to monitor the patient’s level of asthma control regularly so that treatment can be adjusted as needed.

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The full set of guidelines can be viewed at the NHLBI website , or you can view the summary report. Here are the 6 key messages from the EPR-3 Asthma Guidelines. Inhaled corticosteroids are the most effective anti-inflammatory medication for long term management of persistent asthma. Assessment of exposure and sensitivity to allergens and irritants and recommendation to reduce relevant exposures.

Here are the 4 more key messages from the EPR-3 Asthma Guidelines as identified by the Quality Improvement and Asthma Care Subcommittee of AIM. Information regarding risk factors for death from asthma. Watch a presentation on the new asthma guidelines and how they have changed from EPR2. The Asthma Initiative of Michigan has also put together an “Essential Information” brochure that is free for download and use. This brochure contains the tables “Components of severity,” “Components of Control,” and the “Stepwise Approach for Managing Asthma. For more information, please refer to the actual guidelines. Key Clinical Activities for Quality Asthma Care.