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Are you familiar with tools and pdf expert windows alternative for improving the operations of an MFI? Are you looking for chances to improve your skills and knowledge in the area of microfinance in a flexible study pace?

This course is an excellent and comprehensive qualification for microfinance practitioners. In the growing area of Islamic microfinance, a diverse skillset is required. Professionals have to be knowledgeable in traditional retail banking, in the ethics of Islamic finance and in the relevant compliance and regulation issues. This course was designed to provide you with the necessary skills and know-how to become a well-rounded Islamic microfinance professional. Are you seeking to understand microinsurance?

Would you like to know how this product proposition could benefit your clients or organization? The Certified Expert in Microinsurance provides you with an understanding of the target market, marketing strategies and distribution channels to be successful with this product proposition. The objective of this course is to deepen your understanding of modern risk analysis including credit, market, liquidity and operational risk and to implement this understanding in your institution. The course teaches global concepts applied to the special conditions of developing and emerging markets.

This online course, which is based on Frankfurt School’s broad experience in practical project work and theoretical business school education programs, is tailored to the needs of mid-level managers and loan officers active or interested in SME Finance. Change Management as well as the final project work. The significant contribution that financial inclusion can make to achieving inclusive economic growth and the Sustainable Development Goals has gained global recognition. Mission Education is central to development – both in the sense of personal advancement and in the wider context, defined as the development of countries. Locations FSDF e-Campus online courses are conducted completely online, with the exception of the final exam. The paper-based final exams can be taken on fixed dates at one of our partner institutions spread around the world.

Duration Our online certification programmes are 6-month part-time trainings, designed to be conducted along full-time work or other obligations. Apart from a few deadlines, the courses follow a very flexible approach, allowing participants to follow their own study schedule. Dates FSDF online certification courses start twice a year, beginning of March and beginning of September. The next course period will start on September 2018.

Origins of e-Campus: Certified Expert in Risk Management. Are you ready for the challenge? Origins of e-Campus: Certified Expert in Microfinance. The flexibility of our courses offers you the opportunity to follow your own schedule and to combine daily work with professional development. The high quality offered will immediately improve your daily job performance as well as the performance of your institution. After viewing the lectures, participants will have a basic understanding of each topic and will be able to classify importance and relevance of different techniques and aspects in a broader context. Web based presentation complement the scripts and give additional input on important topics.

Online Tests Each unit ends with an online test comprising a set of 10 – 15 multiple choice questions. Only after having successfully completed an online test you will gain access to the next unit. Scripts A PDF script is for most of our courses the main studying material. The scripts provide basic concepts and principles applicable to the subject of each unit.

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