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Crux Desperationis 3, December 2012, Ed. Crux Desperationis 4, September 2013, Samuel beckett watt pdf. Poetry expresses the emotional truth of the self.

A craft honed by especially sensitive individuals, it puts metaphor and image in the service of song. Or at least that’s the story we’ve inherited from Romanticism, handed down for over 200 years in a caricatured and mummified ethos – and as if it still made sense after two centuries of radical social change. But what would a non-expressive poetry look like? A poetry of intellect rather than emotion? One in which the substitutions at the heart of metaphor and image were replaced by the direct presentation of language itself, with “spontaneous overflow” supplanted by meticulous procedure and exhaustively logical process?

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In which the self-regard of the poet’s ego were turned back onto the self-reflexive language of the poem itself? The works presented here provide one set of answers to those questions. Moreover, from the modernist experiments of Gertrude Stein and Samuel Beckett to the neodadaism of Fluxus, they hint at the range of alternatives and challenges that have been presented to the Romantic lineage of expressive poetry. This collection intends to both recall those traditions and complicate their multiple and intersecting histories. That swerve, in short, bends the rules of the game but continues to play. Like Ader, the majority of the writers here were participants in the set of contemporaneous practices that came to be known as “Conceptual Art.