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To view other video and audio content see – channels. The gig economy is on the rise and with it worries about exploitation. But what exactly is it, and why is it so highly prized? The socio-economic debate surrounding money has advanced since the early metallist days of John Locke. Throughout history only violent shocks have significantly reduced economic inequality: war, revolution, plagues. Partition, 70 years on: what have we learnt from the division of India? The 70th year of Indian independence inevitably recalls Partition and the violent division that followed it.

If taxes rise, will they leave? Discover how to kick-start innovation and deliver sustained growth, even in highly uncertain environments. How Many People Can Earth Support in Comfort? The capitalist system, in its current form, is broken. Gender Equality: how can the UN lead? The United Nations has developed a strong focus on gender balance and gender sensitivity throughout all of its work. WTF: what the f— happened and what happens next?

To celebrate the release of his new book WTF: What the F— Happened and What Happens Next? The Brexit Negotiations: make or break? What will a Brexit deal look like? Some people crossing borders are called refugees while others are not. Assessing Global Financial Stability: where do we stand?

Financial instability can put growth at risk. How should global financial stability issues been analyzed? How do ordinary citizens become dissidents? The need for a home is universal. Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit? 2016 was unquestionably a year of political and economic shocks with Brexit and the election of President Trump.

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Never has there been more concern about dishonesty in public life. The Internet has changed the way we make decisions, but the way executives make decisions hasn’t changed at all. In 1932-33, nearly four million Ukrainians died of starvation, having been deliberately deprived of food. As climate change intensifies, the issues of climate justice loom ever larger. The automation of robots and artificial intelligence is pretty well advanced in certain industries. Is Post-Modernism to Blame for our Post-Truth World? Did Derrida make us do it?

Demands on development assistance have risen in recent years, with pandemics, refugee crises and regional conflicts. How did changes in political language influence the Brexit vote and the US election? If our personal data is traded in milliseconds up to 70k times per day, what does this mean? Can National Politics Still Support International Integration? 60 years after its foundation, major tensions are facing the EU.