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Listen to your body talk – many workplace diseases and symptoms can be caused you work, from bright green urine to curling fingers and floppy ankles. The Hazards detective online guide helps you make the links the doctors and the safety surveying and mapping pdf miss.

Problems outside of work can arise from the problems inside work. 365 hazards that can come with the job. Ever tried lifting an adult off the ground several times a day? Or lugging groceries around for eight hours solid? Or working the night shift then spending the day unpaid and caring for others? For many women that’s a normal working day. Hazards says the time to take seriously occupational risks faced by women workers is long overdue.

In a unionised workplace, one of the first things that you should consider is mapping. TUC head of safety Hugh Robertson says mapping can identify the workplace union’s strengths and weaknesses, and the hazards hurting your members, leaving you prepared to organise for safer, healthier work. This Hazards World mapping factsheet focuses on the impact of the job on your whole life. Body mapping can unearth the health hazards in your workplace. Risk maps let workers look at what they work with and any physical. Dorothy Wigmore, Labor Notes, Number 332, November 2006. Body mapping guide from UK shopworkers’ union USDAW.

EPMU, New Zealand’s largest trade union, used Hazards resources to train union reps in DIY research techniques. The manual Barefoot Research: A Worker’s Manual for Organising On Work Security has been developed to help empower workers to increase their level of control over their own work situations, to protect their health and well being, and to improve their level of basic security. A guide to onducting a survey of your membership to better understand the causes of workload problems from Canadian union CUPE. Novel techniques to identify work-related health problems are putting union safety reps in the driving seat, says George Partridge, chair of the Northern TUC Health and Safety Forum. He is highlighting the case of a member of the forum has designed his own drivers’ body map. Shopwork union Usdaw has made its ‘Charting back pain’ guide available online. The guide highlights ‘the use of a powerful tool called ‘body mapping’ which can be used to develop members’ awareness of the health and safety concerns in their work situation and to identify practical solutions to any problems they face.

As well as details of back pain problems in shopworkers, the report includes a ‘how-to’ guide to body mapping at work. Occupational health researchers say active union participation was key to the success of a study of skin problems in print workers. So you know the job is dangerous. Trade union safety rep training is going from strength to strength in the UK. CAW worked with ex-workers, their families and top Canadian union health and safety campaigners Margie Keith and Jim Brophy to use body and risk mapping and old photos to reconstruct conditions at the long-closed foundry. Long hours and poor working conditions are threatening the health of casino workers, a GMB report says.

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