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Thank you for subscribing to Six Minutes. Have you ever been at an industry conference, a PTA meeting, or a community gathering where you wanted to stand up and voice your opinion, but couldn’t find the words or the confidence game pdf download’t have the confidence to put yourself out there?

This article shows how you can gain public speaking confidence using an unlikely method — by practicing improv comedy. Remember the TV show, Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The stars would be placed in a scene or character, and they would entertain us with their on-the-spot confidence and skills. Improvisational comedy — or just plain improv — is the trained skill of improvised acting and spontaneously creating hilarity. If you are like me, you may view spontaneity as creating new things on the spot — creativity on demand. But spontaneity is something you already possess. It is about removing the mental blocks to your innate creativity, and letting your inner self shine.

We often have a gut instinct about what is funny in the moment and that can serve us well. Training in improv comedy allows you to recognize those moments, relax, and let your spontaneity flow. You will stress less about what is and isn’t allowed, and speak up more freely. Learning by playing One of the first things you learn at improv is to get in a playful state. What this means is that you let go of the need for perfection. When you are doing improv, you learn to do before you think too much.

Act as soon as the thought appears. If you start to think about it, and imagining what can go wrong, you won’t express the creativity. Be willing to reveal that inner self that usually gets censored. When you play, you can be any character you want to be. Improv games you can play Find a friend or group of friends who are open to learning new skills. You can practice these exercises as long as you want, but each round should last about two minutes.

Game 1: Word-at-a-time storytelling This is an exercise for two people. The goal is to tell a story one word at a time alternating between the two people. When starting out, you may find it easier to frame what the story is about before starting. This gives the participants an idea of the direction of the story. Go into a forest and kill a monster. Then leave the details up to the participants. Game 2: Speaking in Gibberish This can be practiced alone.

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