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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. David Webb has penned what’s described as ‘the world’s first PhD on suicide by someone who has attempted it’. He suggests we need to honour the essential cosmic perspective pdf download free feelings as real, legitimate, important and ‘a sacred part of the human story’.

But how does this view sit with health campaigns urging us to understand suicidal thoughts as a sign of untreated mental illness? Today’s show is complex, suicide is complex, the grief and confusion it causes families, friends, loved ones and survivors of an attempt is complex. My guest today offers one perspective on the experience. David Webb’s new book is called Thinking About Suicide: Contemplating and Comprehending the Urge to Die. It was born of his PhD, which has been provocatively described as the world’s first PhD on suicide by someone who has attempted it. And look, given the sensitivities surrounding how we talk about suicide publicly, especially in the media, next week we’ll have a respondent to some of the themes raised today.

Natasha Mitchell: Now why a PhD on what was a lifelong and raw experience for you? David Webb: Well after I stopped being suicidal in 1999 I still had this curiosity to make sense of what I’d been through. So I went down to the library and got all the books out on suicide that I could, and that was my first encounter with what’s called the academic discipline of suicidology. Natasha Mitchell: You suggest that two of our greatest fears converge in this public conversation about suicide. What are those fears and how do they converge at the point of suicide? David Webb: Well I say suicide — our fears of madness and fears of death come together.

And I think perhaps two of the biggest fears that we have in our society, and two of the topics that we are not good at talking about — so when they come together in suicide it just compounds the difficulty that we have talking about suicide. Natasha Mitchell: You call it a toxic silence. David Webb: Yes, the taboo around suicide creates the silence, and it’s toxic because I don’t know of any public health issue that has been resolved by not talking about it. Natasha Mitchell: On the other hand you suggest that the public conversation about suicide is too tightly controlled — in what way do you see it being controlled?

David Webb: Well the clearest example of this is there are sort of semi-official guidelines to the media from the suicide prevention experts. And if you look through each of these guidelines one by one, then probably each one individually sort of makes sense. Natasha Mitchell: Well one of the key aspects of those guidelines is that we don’t report on the technique that’s been used because there’s the concern about copycat suicides. So that’s a key recommendation that most people in the media oblige. David Webb: And like I said, I agree with many of them individually, I mean I would never give detailed suicide methods. The copycat issue is a real issue but I think it’s overstated, and it’s overstated to the point that it adds to the silencing of the discussion around this. We need to move beyond talking about whether we talk about it, and the real issue is how we talk about it.

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