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In the the magic of thinking big free pdf of a new series of study skills for CLIL, Jean Brewster takes the very topical subject of thinking skills and looks at how CLIL teaching embraces many of the thinking skills principles and how this benefits the learner. Is it ever OK to lie in a job interview?

Getting to know you: What’s your name? So you want to be a teacher? For example, in science lessons learners may struggle to describe and compare the properties of materials, may find it impossible to hypothesize about why particular materials are used for particular purposes. They may be able to write up the procedural part of a report after testing materials but not how to write conclusions.

By being taught specific thinking skills and the associated language, learners are better equipped to deal with the complex academic and cognitive demands of learning school subjects in a foreign language. CALP, linked to more academic, cognitively challenging tasks in subject lessons. This original distinction, refined over time in response to some criticisms, has continued to provide useful insights for many CLIL teachers. If learners are experimenting with different colour combinations in an art class, trying out magnets in the science class or investigating the lines of symmetry of 2D shapes in maths lessons, what kinds of skill, aside from basic language skills, will they need to draw on or develop?

Some children find it difficult enough to draw on these more academic kinds of interaction in their first language, never mind a foreign language. The truth is that schools don’t often teach these skills explicitly. Instead, teachers hope that their learners will pick them up. The first section of this article will refer briefly to the renewed interest in teaching thinking skills, often based on modern re-conceptions of the traditional taxonomy of thinking skills published by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. Today there is international recognition that education is more than just learning knowledge and thinking, it also involves learners’ feelings, beliefs and the cultural environment of the classroom.

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