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A proposal for the organization of a Session-Workshop or Minisymposium. After the approval, the organizer will be the person responsible for the selection of the papers. The papers visualization modeling and graphics for engineering design solutions pdf be sent to the ICNAAM Secretariat until 16 July 2018.

In the Proceedings of ICNAAM 2018 the Sessions-Workshops and Minisymposia will lie in a separate section of the Volume with a Preface created by the organizer. This symposium series started in Crete, Greece, in 2006 chaired by Professor Pawel Kosinski of the University of Bergen, Norway. The symposium is associated with the annual edition of the ICNAAM since 2006. It represents one of the largest and most successful activities of ICNAAM with a strong commitment to research and development within the academic community. Ulrich Reif, Department of Mathematics, TU Darmstadt. The Fifth Symposium on Approximation of Curves and Surfaces will be held within ICNAAM 2018 that will take place at  Sheraton Hotel in Rhodes-Greece, September 13-18, 2018. The symposium will be devoted to the theory and practice of curves and surfaces.

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